Our convenient air taxi & aerial Work offer

Our air taxi service allows you to get where you are going in total flexibility.

Whether you’re planning a meeting in downtown Montreal, a getaway in Quebec or a stay at your favourite Laurentian hotel, we can take you there in just a few minutes on board our various aircraft.

We can also find and obtain other types of aircraft to better meet your needs for executive transportation, aerial work or even film shoots.

Nos appareils

Astar B2

Number of passengers: 5 + 1 pilot
Engine: turbine
Luggage space

Robinson 44

Number of passengers: 3 + 1 pilot
Engine: piston

Robinson 66

Number of passengers: 3 + 1 pilot
Engine: turbine

Bell 206

Number of passengers: 4 + 1 pilot
Engine: turbine
Executive configuration and luggage space

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